The Savannah Volunteer Guard




Military Campaigns

The Savannah Volunteer Guards werre involved in many of this nation's military campaigns, usually as a company or as individuals when the entire company wasn't needed. These campaigns are:

1812 to 1815
1835 to 1836
1861 to 1865
1917 to 1919
1941 to 1945

A prime example of this dedication to serving the nation in its hour of need occurred during the Mexican War. Only one company from Savannah was needed for service and the Irish Jasper Greens were chosen. This did not prevent individual members of the Savannah Volunteer Guards from volunteering and being accepted for service in other units of General Taylor's army.

Military campaigns are presented here in brief. More detail is available in History of the Savannah Volunteer Guards, Inc. 1802-1992 by Henry J. Kennedy.