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The Guard and its website are your passport to the history, people, and events that have served and contributed to Savannah, Georgia, and the United States through war, depression, tragedy, and triumph.

A component of the United States National Guard, the SVG traces its history back to the earliest English colonies in North America. Responsible for their own defense, the colonists drew on English military tradition and organized their able-bodied male citizens into militias. The Savannah Volunteer Guards were formed from three Revolutionary Militia Units, which had been chartered in 1751, and who fought in the American Revolution. As such, the Guards can trace their history to 1751 and have memorialized this lineage with the “British Lion” on the Court of Arms and the Crest.

In 1801, Dr John Cumming of Savannah applied for the formation of a State Militia Unit in Savannah, Georgia. The militia were to be used for Military Service, Police, and Fire Protection as required for the protection of citizens of the Savannah area. The charter was granted by the State of Georgia on May 1,1802 and the Savannah Volunteer Guards were officially established.

The information available on this website is largely due to the research, efforts, and life work of Mr. Henry Kennedy of Savannah, Georgia. We hope you will find it useful, informative, and exciting. We encourage you to contact us if you have additional knowledge of people, places, and events, that would be of interest to those visiting that is not already included here. Our intent is to chronicle the events and lives of those members of the guard for historical, geneological, and educational purposes.

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Resolution in Memory of Colonel (Ret.) Henry James Kennedy


The Savannah Volunteer Guard uniform led to the decision to make gray the color for the whole of the Confederate Army. more>

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